Saturday, 30 September 2017

The Research Magnificent (1915)

The Novel Turgid.

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  1. I can't recall any passages from the novel offhand, but I do recall that wells fitted some fine , evocative prose to the novel's premise, which was an examination of the attempt to put the neitzchean overman ideal to everyday life. I read that novel as part of a course on marcel proust and virginia woolfe, in whose respective works there is a similar exposition, of the conflict between individuals who have a different perspective of society and their success or failiure in making the world listen to them. if i had the essay that I wrote i would have gladly translated it for you (it's originally written in Hebrew) . however, i maintain that wells's novel is a much more elegant treatment of the subject than proust's or wwolfe's. the professor who taught that course in 2007 (now sadly deceased) admitted that reading wells was "the discovery of a great writer."