Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Modern Russian and English Revolutionaries (1942)

‘A Frank Exchange of Ideas Between Commander Lev Uspensky, Soviet Writer, and H. G. Wells, D. Lit’: a 16-page privately printed pamphlet, this, in which Uspensky—a philologist and science-fiction writer, but also a Commander in the Red Army—writes with vigour to Wells: ‘you cannot carry on a real struggle against Fascism if you do not render all possible assistance in strengthening the most important buttress of this struggle, namely the Soviet Union. You cannot carry on a serious struggle against the Fascist instigators of a new world-blood-bath if you do not render undivided support to the U.S.S.R’. Wells replies that the real aim is grander than just nationalism and guns to knock-over Germany. It is to establish the World State. As you would expect.

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